The Lost Symbols as a Theosophic text

Garrett Riegg

Garrett Riegg, J.D. is a life-long student of Theosophy and Free Masonry. He is not a Mason, but was active in the Masonic Club at the University of California where he received his B.A. and Jurist Doctor degrees. He practices law in Oakland, California. Garrett is an officer of 3 theosophical organizations including ITC.

He teaches and lectures on scientific investigations of spiritual and psychic phenomena which verify ancient mystical traditions. His slides demonstrate the congruence of Theosophy and Masonry. He believes Dan Brown’s latest best-seller ,’ The Lost Symbol’, is a fun way to learn about Masonry and its crucial role in the political and moral development of the U.S. and other countries. The once-secret teachings of Masonry, like those of Theosophy, are vital guides to our spiritual growth.

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