The Healing Temples and Asclepius

Gene Jennings

Asclepian Dream healing in the light of theosophical teaching.
Asclepian healing is an ancient tradition of healing that integrated mind, soul, and body, looking at cause and meaning in illness, and their relationship to healing. It was used as a last resort, either alone or in combination with the medicine of the times. It called on the “god Asclepius” for healing, or the knowledge required to heal. It required a certain degree of preparation, cleansing, and the awaiting of the call to enter the “abaton” or place of vision to receive the healing. This process will be explored in the light of theosophical teaching and its relation to the seven fold constitution of man and nature. From this correlation we will gain a better understanding of the inner process of healing as it relates to the harmony of the principles in their work within the being and related to karma.

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