International Theosophical Conference of 2010, In The Hague, A Personal View.

It was only several years ago when an Idea was re-born. It reincarnated almost immediately out of the dream of Wiley Dade, who initiated a series of simple theosophical gatherings over a six or seven year period some 15 years ago. The gatherings were intended for a simple sharing of theosophical ideas and friendship, amongst student souls who had such an interest. Many said that wherever Wiley went, she succeeded in gathering about her a group of beings interested in the theosophical studies and life. That was both her karma and magnetism.

From such humble beginnings has arisen a young but growing spiritual motion to bring together, in the spirit of non sectarian Theosophical sharing, (A kind of “Theosophists Beyond Borders”), students of the various theosophical perspectives and schools, and also inquiring souls, dedicated to a study, promulgation, understanding, sharing and / or interest in theosophical ideas.

This year our meeting was at “The communication museum” in the wonderful The Hague, in the Netherlands. There were at least two to three hundred seekers, spending four days together, in an atmosphere of Brotherhood and Tranquility, listening, sharing, laughing, and interacting with each other around the central heart of theosophical ideas as presented by Madame HPB.

Before mentioning the talks, it was clearly noted by everyone that a tremendous effort was successfully made and carried out, regarding all the necessary duties to make the conference successful. And there were quite a lot of duties, which was evident from the number of students present, the technological requirements, and coordination of services. There were over one hundred volunteer students, affiliated with the Study Center of Blavatsky House, who provided a great service for and to everyone present. There was nothing to ask for since everything was provided. From picking visitors up at the airport, providing refreshments, attending to the technological needs, escorting visitors to local attractions, and providing assistance at meals, the volunteers were everywhere, attending to all and every need. It was very much like last year at the I.T.C. meeting in L.A., only attending to a larger audience. We extend much thanks and appreciation to the volunteer team, and the coordinating members, in The Hague. The degree of cooperation evidenced is surely a model for impersonal service on behalf of Theosophy and its message.

Among the presenters, and persons in the audience, were many from different countries such as Belgium, Greece, Germany, Holland, London, Paris, United States, India, and Haiti. Representatives and students from The Point Loma group, The United lodge of Theosophists, and I believe at least one gentleman from Adyar, were all present and contributing to the message of Theosophy.

Regarding the presentations, they were all extremely well done. They will be available on DVD in approximately 8 weeks. Meanwhile, it is clear that the presenters embodied the teachings, and have made them, in various ways, “A living Power” in their lives. The power and presence of theosophy remains very much alive in the world, in its pure form, and it’s various modifications and applications to meet the changing times, as demonstrated by the international representation, topics presented, and enthusiasm shared at the conference.

Presentations both clearly explained and in many cases demonstrated various aspects of the Teachings. Topics demonstrating practical techniques and examples related to pure devotion, compassion in the theosophical life, seeing the divine in others, recognizing the Boundless within ourselves and others, living the life from the view of the Boundless, understanding the three fundamentals and seeing them in everyday life, powerful sayings to deal with crisis, homeopathy, Chinese and ayurvedic medicine, recognizing the history and lineage of Theosophy, understanding the nature of symbols in American history and their relationship to the divine wisdom, science, cosmology and Theosophical applications, Theosophical keys, the subjective and objective knowing, science, spirituality and the brain, Ageless theosophical wisdom for the “young wise guy”, theosophical education, living the third fundamental during the pilgrims journey and the spiritual path, and other practical and meaningful topics.

In all, there was a rich, diverse, and powerful representation of The Living Power of Theosophy in the lives of true students, and how that power can be shared amongst ourselves, and with others. William Q. Judge encouraged us to become living centers for theosophy in his article, “Each Member A Centre” (WQJ articles vol. II) and what we have seen is that there are, in the best of ways, many such individual “centers” of spiritual theosophy in the world as evidenced by this years conference. Thank you on behalf of each, to all.

Hopefully we are looking forward to next year’s conference, to continue the small, but quietly growing, spiritual momentum that is gathering. Small, as every seed is in all beginnings, we hope that we can persist in this non-sectarian effort, sharing amongst “Theosophist Beyond Borders”, to continue to make theosophy a living power in each other, and the world.

As a parting thought, I heard one member in casual conversation reiterate what Judge had said. To paraphrase, “If we had just 500 sincere Theosophist we could change the world”. As the Theosophical Committees are beginning to firm themselves for work in I.T.C., I wonder, with the obvious dedication to the message of Theosophy, and the making it a living power in our lives, I repeat, I wonder if we can gather the 500 together, of “similar aim, purpose and teaching”, I wonder if we can truly work together and each in their own way, aiming consciously to change the world by changing the Buddhi Manas of the Race. To carry on the efforts of H.P.B. by applying the teachings of Theosophy, its morals, ethics, and human application of Divine Wisdom, and showing Theosophies living power, especially today, as the world has grown to a stage where it should be able to appreciate its message even better.

As WQJ said: May (each and every one of) you reach the terrace of enlightenment, yet remain to serve humanity.


Gene Jennings


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